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About Us

The inside of Cole Dockside was created to be an earthy, more tranquil, and versatile area. It offers a place where people can go to eat wholesome breakfasts, drink artisanal coffee, and work in solitude. It is beautifully equipped with a palette of neutral hues with warm wooden furniture. The mindfully prepared and cooked dishes on the meticulously curated menu include a variety of salads and nourishing bowls, as well as delectable grill items and fresh concoctions of juices and drinks. All of the ingredients were hand-selected to be fresh and flavourful.

About The Owners

Cole Dockside started its journey in 2004 and now it is owned by Mr Kam Singh and Mr Gulshan Soni, who plans to take this seaside restaurant to new heights. Keeping a place like this was a dream for a long time, and their dedication towards it made it come true. Mr Singh and Mr Soni chose to continue with this name to flourish in this industry.

Cole Dockside has the finest dine-in in Staten Island. We got authentic Italian flavours on our plates. We just loved the ambience of this place!

Andrea Chung

It’s our go-to place for a peaceful dining experience and serene ambience. I love how they maintain their perfection of flavours and exceed our expectations.

Andrea Chung

This place serves the best air in town! The experience with Food and drinks is beyond any explanation. We always get outstanding services and a warm welcome.

Robert Chang

Cole Dockside serves a compelling experience with seafood and Italian cuisine and is situated on the water on Staten Island.

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